The Mahaneys may go ahead and move if they want, comforted in the knowledge their mail likely will follow them.

Clintonville Area Commission members voted unanimously Aug. 3 to recommend approval of a variance that will go directly to Columbus City Council, designed to allow Cynthia and Steven Mahaney to continue using their home at 18 Glenmont Ave. as a residence.

At the meeting, zoning and variance committee Chairman Stephen Hardwick explained that, inexplicably, in 1965, the owner of a commercially zoned lot next door to the house the Mahaneys now own had the adjacent property designated a "private parking district."

Cynthia Mahaney has said the couple discovered this when her father-in-law was preparing to move back to their Clintonville address from North Carolina, and was informed by U.S. Postal Service officials that mail could not be forwarded to property zoned commercial.

Hardwick told commission members the variance would allow the couple to "use a residential lot with a house on it as a residence."

"The zoning isn't always perfect," CAC Chairwoman Libby Wetherholt told the Mahaneys, who were not called on to make their case before the panel.

Also at the meeting, Wetherholt announced she would reappoint the current heads of all five standing committees to their posts.

They are former CAC member Nancy Kuhel for historic buildings; current District 4 representative Judy Minister for technology and public relations; Andrew Overbeck for planning and development; Ann Henkener for elections; and Hardwick for zoning and variance.