Numerous offices that share space inside a former home in the 3800 block of North High Street were broken into late last month, according to Columbus police reports.

The crime took place after 4 p.m. July 30, and the reporting officer noted no signs of forced entry, adding a back door might have been left unlocked.

Property stolen from various offices includes $3,300 in gift cards, $600 in cash and two notary seals valued at $30 each.

Damage to interior doors and frames was estimated at $1,000.

In other recent Clintonville-area police reports:

* A woman contacted police at 2:41 p.m. Aug. 1 to report someone entered an apartment building in the 5100 block of North High Street on July 24 and left with $200 worth of quarters and three pieces of furniture, together worth $340.

* A diagnostic scanner for car engines, valued at $5,000, was reported missing from a business in the 5500 block of North High Street at 8:41 a.m. July 31. According to reports, the equipment was taken between 3 and 4 p.m. July 27.

* Medications valued at $300 were among items stolen during a burglary in the 500 block of Fairlawn Drive that took place between 4:30 and 8:30 a.m. July 30. The victim, said a birth certificate, checkbook, some letters and photos, a $100 bank and an electric razor worth $40 also were taken.

* A $500 leather satchel was reported stolen in a break-in at a business in the 4500 block of North High Street that took place at 10 p.m. July 28.