And then there were 15.

The ranks of the Northwest Civic Association board of trustees swelled at the Aug. 5 meeting to the number called for in the organization's code of regulations.

It required two rounds of voting by the six trustees still on the panel after several resigned in the wake of the contentious annual meeting June 7, during which then-President John Ehlers said long-simmering tensions among the members had created serious internal dissension.

A total of 11 members of the association applied for and were interviewed for the nine openings.

"It's going to be a tough decision," Nick Cipiti, who was elected board president at a special June 28 meeting, said at the outset of the decision-making process. "We've got an awful lot of great talent to choose from."

Eventually those chosen included some past officers of the board, including Mark Krietemeyer, who served 10 years as treasurer before being among those to resign when the dispute between Ehlers and Vice President Kyle Hartman came to light at the annual session.

The other new members are Alyson Goodman, John Guroy, Sassan Babai, Jim Burkart, John Fortkamp, Kit Logsdon, Marilyn Goodman and Dennis Damon.

When the six trustees cast their ballots for nine of the 11 candidates, four of them tied with four votes each.

"It's just like the 2000 election," Cipiti said.

A second round of balloting eliminated the final two.

Next up was the issue of deciding which of the new trustees would be up for election a year from now and which would serve a two-year term.

Ehlers urged that the longer terms should go to the four board members who were among five people who had already received votes from those members of the association present for the June 7 meeting, a procedure subsequently deemed not have been in keeping with the organization's governing documents.

"The important point is the members had the opportunity to vote on that particular group of candidates," Ehlers said.

Krietemeyer suggested just asking those four trustees which lengths of term they preferred.

"To me we're almost splitting hairs," he added.

"We're going around in circles," Fortkamp said.

Those in the audience, now outnumbered by the people seated at the table for trustees, were treated to a scene of the new members lining up to pull slips of paper out of a bag, five marked "even" for the ones whose terms expire in 2018 and four "odd" for the ones who can serve through 2019.

Burkart, Miles, Logsdon, Babai and Fortkamp got even.

Goodman, Gury, Damon and Krietemeyer drew odd.