Nick Cipiti, president of the Northwest Civic Association board of trustees, is calling for two additional meetings of the panel this month.

At the Aug. 5 session, Cipiti announced he wanted to convene a special session Aug. 23 and then hold a two-hour board retreat a week later.

The purpose of the special meeting would be to hold an election for board members whose terms technically expired in June. Those include Kellie Ehlers, wife of former President John Ehlers.

She was up for re-election June 7 at the annual meeting of the civic association, but her husband's announcement that internal dissension existed among board members led to a disruption of the proceedings.

Cipiti was voted in as president at a special meeting June 28.

For the board retreat, Cipiti said he wanted to discuss procedures for the organization, how new members can be drawn in and ways in which the association's website can be made more user-friendly and interactive.

Cipiti also called for creation of additional committees, including one devoted to graphics and zoning matters that would meet separately from the overall board, which is the way it is handled at the Clintonville Area Commission, on which Cipiti served before moving to the Northwest Side.

Cipiti added that he hopes to bring back the student trustee program the civic association had for years with Centennial High School.

"I think that's one of the greatest things this organization has going for it," he said.

Principal Stephanie Porta pulled the plug on that program after the most recent batch of student trustees jointly penned a letter complaining about having to be subjected to squabbling among the adult members of the panel.

John Ehlers said that the program didn't need to end, and that he had received interest in a student from Watterson High School.

He added that his wife had reached out to officials with Worthington Schools.

John Ehler said that roughly two-thirds of the area the NWCA serves sends students to districts outside of the city, primarily to Dublin. He also said Porta, with whom he had discussions, is open to resuming sending student trustees in 2018.