The city of Groveport is hoping to get state funding to help pay for traffic signal upgrades and other improvements around Groveport Madison High School and for the second phase of work on West Bixby Road.

The city's applications for Ohio Public Works Commission grants are due in early September, according to City Administrator Marsha Hall. Those who receive OPWC funding should learn if they qualify in late December.

Hall estimates the traffic signal project will cost $420,000.

The proposal calls for new signals at South Hamilton Road and Firehouse Lane and crosswalk and sidewalk improvements from Groveport Madison High School to the Central Ohio Transit Authority bus stop across from the school.

"The school has students who arrive and depart the high school by COTA and they feel the current setup isn't as safe as it should be for students," Hall said.

Groveport's capital improvement plans include switching the signals from a pole/wire arrangement to a mast-arm signal. City Engineer Stephen Farst believes the safety aspect of the project will provide for a good funding application. Hall said.

"We are still estimating the school (district will) pay approximately $62,000 so as to get points for a joint project," she said. "Our local payment is still being reviewed. One option is to receive a grant of approximately $200,000 with the remainder being a $40,500 local payment and the remainder as a no-interest 12-year loan."

The traffic signal changes would be accompanied by a crosswalk notification system and a sidewalk on the east side of South Hamilton Road from the crosswalk to the COTA bus stop.

West Bixby Road

Groveport also is planning to submit an OPWC grant application for Phase II of the West Bixby Road improvement project, which includes pavement work and construction of a pedestrian path.

"The current cost estimate for Phase II is $1.6 million, although, we are still determining how best to have the pedestrian path cross the creek and railroad tracks," Hall said. "This may affect the cost. ... We're still deciding how much state funding we will be requesting."

Construction on Phase I of the project, from Bixby Ridge Drive East to Madison Christian School, is expected to be done by mid-August.

Phase II, the second of a three-phase project, would include improvements from Madison Christian School east to Hendron Road.