Double Happy runs both hot and cold -- but that's not a bad thing.

Offering coffee and soft-serve ice cream -- and, at times, together -- seemed twice as nice to Ryan Troup, owner of the walk-up stand, 1280 Brown Road in west Columbus.

The ice cream is no ordinary soft-serve, he said.

After multiple samples, he chose what he considered to be premium vanilla and chocolate -- customers can have swirled cones, too -- from Dairymens in Cleveland. It is a liquid, not powder, base. Cherry and chocolate dipping sauces are available on request.

In fact, Double Happy features up to 25 flavors that can be used to make treats, from fresh-fruit purees to syrups.

But above all, Troup said, he wants to be known for his milkshakes.

The Brown and Hopkins milkshake, named after the intersection where Double Happy is located, combines peanut butter and hot fudge with chocolate ice cream.

"I always tell the kids if they get a Brown and Hopkins, they'll always know where they are," he said.

Another house favorite uses vanilla soft-serve, orange juice and a touch of vanilla.

Traditional ice-cream parlor favorites -- banana splits, sundaes and such -- also are on the menu.

The second part of the Double Happy equation is the medium-roast coffee, made from organic, free-trade Peru Penachi beans culled from a single plantation.

Troup said he offers a full range of coffee drinks, such as cappuccino, lattes, frappes and espresso.

Those trying to beat the summer heat also have plenty of cool coffee options.

One is the affogato -- soft serve with a hot shot of espresso poured on top.

Another is the mochaccino milkshake, which melds chocolate soft-serve with espresso syrup.

Gillian's Cold Brew, named after a customer who ordered the first one, combines coffee with coconut puree, vanilla syrup and the choice of coconut or whole milk.

Troup spent years working in the world of finance before he decided to switch gears. Ice cream and coffee, he said, invariably make people happy.

Double Happy replaces Starburst Dairy Bar, another soft-serve stand that had something different: colorful flavored syrup swirled in with the ice cream.

He said the local business community has been exceptionally supportive.

"Being a new business in the neighborhood, it was nice to be welcomed by the other businesses," Troup said.

Double Happy hours are noon to 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays and closed Sundays and Mondays.

Tuula Mallonen is throwing in the towel.


The owner of Tuula's European Cafe said she has decided not to renew her lease, which expires in February.

Tuula's, a casual restaurant known for its sandwiches, salads and homemade desserts, is at 3856 Hard Road in Dublin.

Mallonen said she would entertain an offer to sell the restaurant, which opened in 2008, before the lease expires.


Peace, Love and Little Donuts has entered the central Ohio market.

As its name suggests, the shop specializes in miniature, two-bite donuts with an array of toppings.

The doughnut shop at at 565 High St. in Old Worthington is owned by franchisees Kathy and Jim Welte. Ohio has several other locations but the Worthington store is the first in the local market.

Founded in Pittsburgh in 2009, Peace, Love and Little Donuts offers three different styles: "groovy," the most basic, 85 cents each; "far out," with frosting, $1.10 each; and "funkadelic," $1.35 each. An example of the latter is the maple bacon doughnut, among the best sellers so far.

Price breaks are given for larger orders.

The shop sources its coffee from Silver Bridge Coffee Co. in Gallipolis. Among the choices are regular cups of java, espresso, latte and cappuccino. Others beverages also are available.

A small amount of seating is available inside and on the patio.

Peace, Love and Little Donuts is open daily.

Dublin's first craft brewery has opened in the Bridge Park development on the east side of the Scioto River.


RAM Restaurant and Brewery, part of a national chain based in Seattle, is at 6632 Longshore St. It is the second local RAM; the first opened last fall in the Short North.

The place is known for such tavern staples as burgers, fish and chips and macaroni and cheese, plus an assortment of craft beers brewed on premises.