Worthington's weekly farmers market has a year-round schedule and is one of central Ohio's largest and most popular markets.

This summer, the ThisWeek Worthington News will feature vendors each week in a question-and-answer format to highlight some of the products customers crowd High Street in Old Worthington to buy.

Silver Bridge Coffee Co.

With its shiny rows of coffee dispensers, Silver Bridge Coffee Co. is one of the most visible stands each week at the Worthington Farmers Market.

But it wasn't too long ago that the business simply was a hobby.

Owners Lorraine and Phil Walker began by roasting their own beans in a popcorn popper in their kitchen in the southern Ohio village of Gallipolis.

After friends and relatives raved about their "special brew," the couple went into business, opening Silver Bridge in 2008 as a family company. It quickly became a farmers market mainstay.

Lorraine Walker is a Level 2 Certified Roaster with the Specialty Coffee Association of America and has been appointed to Gov. John Kasich's Small Business Advisory Council. She also is an advocate for businesses owned by women and a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

For more about Silver Bridge Coffee, find the company on social media or at silverbridgecoffee.com.

Q: Are you a local business, or do you reach into other cities or states? Do you plan to expand in the future?

A: Yes, we are local. We roast and package our coffee in Gallipolis and we also have a distribution, storage and brewing facility in Worthington. We do not have any brick-and-mortar locations. Our focus is on the roasting process.

We are sold at over 100-plus retail locations ... (and) set up and sell at many farmers markets, including Worthington, New Albany, Clintonville, Grove City and Athens. We are excited to have partnered with the new Peace Love and Little Donuts shop in downtown Worthington, too.

Q: Why is the farmers market a good environment for your products?

A: They connect us with customers who want to buy fresh and buy local. It allows us to (provide samples of) all of our coffees and it allows customers to taste our coffee. We also get to interact with customers to answer questions about coffee and share our mutual love of coffee.

Q: What makes you stand out at the farmers market?

A: Our selection. Each Saturday, there are at least 13 kinds of coffee out to sample.

We have quite a large setup with a lot of different coffees, including regular, flavored, whole bean, ground and K-Cups for your Keurig. It's a great way to start your Saturday.

Q: Do you sell different products throughout the summer or have consistent options?

A: We offer the same products but have seasonal specials. For example, right now we are offering coconut cream. In the fall, we offer pumpkin spice.