The September 1921 Norwester (inset, lower right) depicts a Curtiss JN-4D biplane flying over the countryside.

The "Jenny," as it was known, was one of the most popular airplanes of all time, serving as a World War I trainer (90 percent of the war's pilots received their training in the Jenny) and later sold as surplus in the civilian market.

This photo was taken at the landing field at King Avenue just west of North Star.

The Jenny in the photo was owned by R. S. Haines, who was the Ohio representative for the surplus disposal of these aircraft. It was used to take local residents on thrill rides, which for $10 consisted of a flight north along the Scioto River, west and south over Olentangy Park and past Ohio State University and then over Grandview and Marble Cliff before landing.

Plans were drawn to expand the landing field on King Avenue to accommodate the 122th Aero Squadron of the National Guard but were never implemented.