Voters in Bexley will see familiar names and a few new ones when they go to the polls this fall.

The filing deadline with the Franklin County Board of Elections was 4 p.m. Aug. 9. The board still must certify candidates and issues.

According to unofficial filings from the board of elections, the lists for the Nov. 7 election are as follows:

Bexley Board of Education
(six candidates, three open seats)

John C. Barno (incumbent), 2710 Dale Ave.

Michelle Mineo, 783 S Cassingham Road

Alissha M. Mitchell (incumbent), 2456 E. Livingston Ave.

Tracey Parsons, 2558 Bryden Road

Marlee A. Snowdon (incumbent), 326 N. Columbia Ave.

April M. Walsh, 1005 S. Remington Road

Bexley City Council
(four candidates, three open seats)

Lori Ann Feibel (incumbent), 218 N Parkview Ave.

Monique Lampke, 2447 Plymouth Ave.

Deneese Owen (incumbent), 2581 Sherwood Road

Richard E. Sharp (incumbent), 845 College Ave.