A credit-card “skimming” device was found at a gas station in Worthington, according to a release from the city.

The skimming devices are designed to steal credit-card information from customers using the pump.

The device was discovered on a pump at a Marathon gas station at 911 High St. An employee from the Franklin County Auditor’s Office discovered the device during a “routine weights and measures inspection” and contacted police when it was found.

A similar device was discovered on a pump at a Dublin Marathon station at 215 W. Bridge St. on Aug. 29.

At the time, Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo called the incident “the first time in Franklin County – outside of Columbus – the criminals have arrived.”

Worthington officers responded to the scene and “secured the device for evidence processing," the release said.

Iinvestigators do not yet know how long the device was in place and no suspects have been identified, the release said.

Police are asking anyone who has used the Marathon pumps in recent days to check credit- or debit-card statements and contact the card’s institution if they find unusual activity.