Autumn is nearly here, and it seems summer raced right by.

But it did not get away from us before we created a whole new set of amazing memories -- and created them together, as a community.

Way back in May, it was a drizzly Village Valuables day, but that didn't stop throngs of folks from hauling off our "treasures" and giving that vintage Oktoberfest mug from 1987 a new lease on life.

When Mark Weiss and I were trying to prep Nancy Kotting and Chelsey Craig for their first Valuables, we were split on whether the emphasis was on the sales or on the porch parties. It is best to participate in a little of both.

Then the last weekend of June dawned, pretty as a picture for both PreTour Saturday and Haus und Garten Tour Sunday. That picture-perfect weather, plus taking the Cocktail Party to a picture-perfect Schiller Park on the occasion of its 150th birthday, was the icing on our cake.

And, now, I can report its finalized fundraising effect: $147,650 was raised that weekend, leaving us $600 short of a record, but $25,650 more than our anticipated revenues. I am so impressed -- and grateful -- for each of you who make it happen. What a treat to be on your team.

Speaking of breaking records, Art Crawl expenses have been reconciled and it was a door-buster, too.

We already knew this event broke some records this year, but to put a bow on it: Art Crawl delivered $27,000-plus in net revenue, a 39 percent year-over-year increase.

These are dollars that both pay for the Village Lights' winter extravaganza, and help our businesses network and co-marketing.

Just a month later, we were in the brand-spankin'-new backyard of the German Village Guest House for Tea 43206. Two hundred revelers donned Alice in Wonderland themed costumes, hats and party favors to raise money for preservation projects in German Village.

They also got a sneak peek at the next phase of our interpretive trail. You can see the example in the Visitors Center now. Congratulations to our hosts, Darci Congrove and John Pribble, who raised more than $28,000.

The evening before the Tea, Friends of Schiller Park put on an outstanding show sharing some of the stories of Schiller Park during its 150-year existence.

So, we are only halfway through the 2017 German Village Society event season, and you have already helped us raise $202,650!

Want to extend your support without having to build a tent or man a haus? We'd love to have you as a member of German Village Society. Day after day, brick by brick, we work diligently to ensure that what was started here two centuries ago isn't forgotten, and that what is possible within these 233 acres isn't forsaken for lack of either resolve or funding.

When you give to us, you celebrate the power of a passionate collective to preserving, protecting and promoting our past, present and future. Please stop into the Meeting Haus or go online to give.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column .