The New Albany firm that modernized the city of Powell's website will take a crack at remaking Delaware County's online home.

Delaware County commissioners Aug. 31 approved a $90,000 contract with Buckeye Interactive

County spokeswoman Jane Hawes said in a statement the cost of the project reflects the fact that almost all county agencies expressed interest in participating in the redesign. The contract caps additional payments to the firm at $35,000 if additional work is deemed necessary during the process.

"This will be a very extensive and complex project," she said. "Because of the enthusiastic response we have received from all branches of our county government, we have a rare opportunity to overhaul the entire site and really bring it up to today's standards."

Hawes said specialized features of the Delaware County Board of Elections' website will prevent that agency from participating in the redesign process. She added Delaware County Job and Family Services is undertaking its own separate website-redesign project.

Hawes said the most-noticeable change following the project's completion may be the sites' improved appearance and functionality when accessed via mobile devices.

"We know that a rapidly growing percentage of our users are accessing our website on mobile devices like iPhones or tablets, but most parts of our website don't shrink to fit the screens on those devices," she said. "It's currently designed just for desktop-computer monitors and we know that has to change if we're going to improve our ability to serve Delaware County residents and business owners."

County residents who want a preview of how the county's sites may change could take a look at the city of Powell's website. The city rolled out a new website designed by Buckeye Interactive in 2015 after awarding the firm with a $25,000 contract.

Powell officials' goals for the project also included creating a website that functioned better when viewed on mobile devices.

Hawes said the firm estimated it could complete work on the county's project in about seven months.

Commissioner Gary Merrell said he views the redesign as a way for the county to better serve its residents.

"I think this is very important," he said. "I don't find our current websites customer-friendly."