As the Clintonville Area Commission last week crafted a letter designed to welcome new residents to their districts, CAC member Judy Minister said the process was a bit like the story of Goldilocks.

The first version, which came up for consideration at the Aug. 3 meeting, was too long, the District 4 representative said. Khara Nemitz of District 2 raised the objection at that time and said some of the letter's content might better be presented in bullet points.

The next version, which circulated among CAC members via email, was deemed too short, Minister said at the Sept. 7 session.

Finally, she announced, a version surfaced that was "just right."

"Congratulations on the purchase of your Clintonville home," the letter begins. "On behalf of the Clintonville Area Commission, we'd like to welcome you to Clintonville, in our heartfelt opinion the best neighborhood in the city of Columbus. Whether brand new to the neighborhood or a prior Clintonville resident who has purchased a new residence, we hope you'll enjoy our ever-evolving neighborhood. From the walkability to the lively Clintonville Farmers Market to the restaurants, parks and the Olentangy Trail, Clintonville is unique."

The bulk of the missive, after bragging on the neighborhood, is given over to explaining the role of the area commission, when the panel meets and what standing committees exist.

Minister, a real-estate agent, noted that between 500 and 550 new homeowners move into Clintonville in any given year. She added she and fellow real-estate agent B.J. White, who represents District 9, have access to a list of new residents and could pass them along to others on the commission to be mailed. That would potentially represent $220 in postage, Minister said.

"It sounds like a great idea," Nemitz said.

District 1 representative David Vottero suggested there ought to be some means of welcoming renters to the neighborhood as well.

This might be possible at larger apartment complexes, Minister said.

Jason Meek of District 6 said a stack of some version of the letter could be left with property managers to be passed along to new tenants along with other paperwork.