This aerial photograph from the early 1950s is looking northeast from above the Grandview Heights Public Library at the intersection of First and Oakland avenues.

At the top of the photo is the current middle school, before the classroom addition was built on the south side, and before the multipurpose building was added to the north side.

At the bottom left is Trinity United Methodist Church on Ashland Avenue just north of First, which moved to the current location at Fifth Avenue and Cambridge Boulevard in 1951.

At the bottom right is the former building that housed the Grandview Cycle Shop, and across Oakland is a filling station; both properties now serve the Grandview library.

Across First from those buildings are a vacant lot that was a filling station and the Gaudieri Cleaners building, later occupied by the Celeste realty company before residences were built there.

Glass Plumbing, the business with the longest continuous operation in Grandview, occupied the building on First Avenue at the lower left.