Norwich Township trustees are expected to renew a contract with Local Waste Services to provide solid-waste disposal and recycling services for about 1,440 households.

The proposed four-year contract would require Norwich Township to join a consortium with Grove City, Jackson Township and the village of Urbancrest. It would reduce the amount residents pay by 21 cents per household per month.

Norwich Township currently is not a member of any consortium.

Though hardly a windfall, trustee Tim Roberts said a reduction of any kind of fees associated with solid-waste disposal and recycling is an achievement.

The contract would replace a two-year extension the township approved in November 2015 and that expires Dec. 31, according to Eric DeHays, municipal-accounts manager for Local Waste Services.

The new rate of $14.70 per household per month and is 21 cents less than the current rate of $14.91 for Norwich residents, DeHays said. The cost per year with the new rate is $176.40; the current cost is $178.92.

"Joining the consortium has allowed Norwich to realize these savings," he said.

Under the new contract that would begin Jan. 1, 2018, residents would be provided a 65-gallon recycling container, DeHays said.

Local Waste Services currently provides an 18-gallon container for recycling, he said.

The new contract also would offer the option to lease a container for solid waste for $3.50 per month, a 50-cent increase from the current contract, DeHays said.

Residents also may opt out of the contract altogether but must file a form with the township indicating they properly are disposing of solid waste and have proof, if audited, said Norwich Township administrator Jamie Fisher.

The trustees are expected to approve an acceptance letter to join the consortium Sept. 19, Fisher said.

No fee is required for the township to join the consortium, DeHays said.