Biase and Maria Ciccone opened their grocery store in a building on the corner of Westwood and Third avenues in 1933.

The building formerly housed a Kroger grocery store, then a shoe-repair store and barbershop.

Two years later, Biase Ciccone opened a tap room in the west half of the building, leaving the market to be operated by his wife on the east side.

For reasons that are obvious in this photo, the tap room was called it the Knotty Pine. Biase Ciccone (inset) operated it until his death in 1958, with help from his son, Gildo, in his final years, and it later was purchased by his son-in-law, Carl Scartz, who renamed it Carl's Knotty Pine.

This 1937 photo shows waiter Albert Rosetti and waitress Mary Dello, with Maria Ciccone standing behind the customers, and her daughter, Louise, in the back at the cash register.