There were two homecoming queens on the field at Grove City High School's Sept. 15 football game against Marysville.

Sara Jameson was crowned as the 2017 queen with Jason Meggyesy crowned as king.

The pregame festivities also included recognition of Mimi (Marilyn) Witteman Trapp, 95, who was Grove City's homecoming queen in 1939.

Mayor Ike Stage declared Sept. 15 Marilyn "Mimi" Witteman Trapp Day in Grove City and proclaimed her a Lifelong Citizen of Grove City.

Trapp, who now lives in Columbus near Bexley, said she was taken by surprise when she was invited to attend the homecoming game.

The idea was hatched by her great-niece, Elin Seren, who teaches English as a Second Language classes at Prairie Lincoln and Darby Woods elementary schools in the South-Western City School District.

"I told her it was probably a good idea that she made the arrangements without asking me, because the answer probably would've been no," Trapp said, with a chuckle.

But as Sept. 15 drew near, she said, she began to get more excited about the honor.

"It brings back a lot of memories," Trapp said.

The crowning of the homecoming queen was still a relatively new event back in 1939, she said.

"I think they had only done it for the last couple years," Trapp said.

"Each class elected one representative, then the whole school voted on the queen. It was a great honor," she said.

The game was played on the afternoon of Nov. 3, 1939.

"It was against our rival, Gahanna," Trapp said. "I still remember the score, 3-0. We won, which made the day even better."

Few people attended the game, she said.

"They didn't have the bleachers like they do today. People had to stand on the sidelines to watch," Trapp said. "I think most of the crowd was probably the parents of the players."

One element was nearly missing from her selection as homecoming queen -- the crown itself.

"They just forgot to get a crown," Trapp said. "All of a sudden, they ran to the industrial arts classroom and someone made a crown using tin and glitter.

"I don't know if it was a beautiful crown, but it was memorable," she said.

Trapp's late husband, Bob, was a classmate at GCHS. He became a dentist and was a brigadier general in the U.S. Army Reserve.

They had five children and 10 grandchildren. All of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, save one, live in central Ohio.

Mrs. Trapp majored in music education at Capital University.

"I just always loved singing and playing music," she said.

She sang solos at St. John's Lutheran Church in Grove City and served as the longtime choir director at her home church, St. Catharine, where she still sings at funerals.

Seren said she wanted to organize the recognition of her great-aunt "because she's always been such a presence in my life.

"She has grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but she's always made time for us all," Seren said. "She's never forgotten a birthday, a Christmas or an Easter holiday for me or my sister or brother.

"She's always supportive, always caring and, we hope, always there," Seren said.