Westerville police arrested a suspect in a vandalism case after he allegedly tweeted about the incident.

According to reports, police responded to the 800 block of Memories Lane on the night of Sept. 6 after area residents reported someone running away from a house after they heard sounds of broken glass.

Responding officers reported seeing broken windows at multiple houses, damaged mailboxes and a pile of bricks that had been disturbed and likely used to break windows.

Nearby, they found 10 "for sale" signs damaged, a portable toilet knocked over and several sewer grates that had been removed and thrown in the street, reports stated. Further down the street, they found multiple construction vehicles with broken windows, mirrors and lights.

Police and K-9 units searched for a suspect, but could not find anyone.

But reports said a 21-year-old Westerville man later took to Twitter to brag about the incident. Reports say the man tweeted, "Haha Westerville. Couldn't catch me this time. Even though I lost both my shoes."

Police took a screenshot of the tweet and replied that if the man wanted to pick up his shoes, he could find them at the police station. According to reports, his Twitter photo matched his driver's license photo.

The man was arrested two days later, and was charged with vandalism, reports stated.

In other recent incident reports from the Westerville Division of Police:

* A 27-year-old Columbus woman was arrested after allegedly assaulting a woman who was visiting with the man in an intensive care unit at Mount Carmel St. Ann's, 500 S. Cleveland Ave., on the afternoon of Sept. 9.

The suspect allegedly punched the victim in the head as she was leaving the room and began "clawing" at her face.

The woman was arrested and charged with assault, reports stated.

* Two Columbus residents were arrested after breaking and entering at the city's electric division, 139 E. Broadway Ave., around 1:30 a.m. Sept. 5.

According to reports, police had been watching the area after multiple recent break-ins resulted in stolen items, including copper pipe.

Reportedly, an officer ran the license plate of one of the suspects, and found he had previously been arrested for breaking into the electric division. The officer followed the suspect's truck to a nearby location while other officers set a perimeter around the facility. Eventually, police observed the 30-year-old Columbus man and a 29-year-old Columbus woman crawling through a hole in the fence with spools of copper wire, reports stated. They were arrested on the spot.

The man was charged with breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools while the woman was charged with breaking and entering, according to reports.