Grove City is preparing to take the first step in the process that could lead to the redevelopment of the former Grove City Library site on Park Street.

A draft request for proposals has been created and will be sent to prospective local and regional developers later this month, said Kyle Rauch, the city's economic development director.

"We'll be sending it out once we get an OK from the administration and city council," Rauch said.

Developers will be invited to submit their suggestions for how the old library site could be redeveloped.

"We aren't setting any perimeters on this," Rauch said. "We want to be flexible and open to considering any ideas a develop might submit.

"Someone else's idea might be better than any we might have," he said.

The redevelopment of the site would serve as "a continuation of the evolution and enhancement of our Town Center," Mayor Ike Stage said.

The site encompasses about three and a half acres and includes the former library building, space behind the building and land the city owns to the east of the building.

The site with the building is zoned SD-1 (educational) and the city-owned property is zoned CF (community facilities), Rauch said.

"We'd have to rezone the land, no matter what any future redevelopment of the site looks like," he said.

Developers may submit proposals that would involve a single use for the entire site or ideas for the building site only or some or all of the city-owned land, Rauch said.

The city will be "silent" on whether developers should look at developing the entire site or portions and whether or not the existing library building should be maintained, renovated or razed, he said.

"We don't want to stifle the creativity of a developer," Rauch said.

The administration sought "a one-year hiatus" before beginning to seek ideas for redevelopment. The goal was to allow time to see how other recent Town Center projects, including the opening of the new library on Broadway and the construction of the Broadway Station apartments behind City Hall and on the previous site of a lumberyard, settled in, Stage said.

"We've got a better idea of the 'lay of the land' now," he said.

"It's a good time to start looking at the old library site and surrounding area."

The old library building has not been used since it closed Sept. 2, 2016. The parking lot is used for public parking.

The process for seeking and reviewing proposals for the site will likely closely follow how the city proceeded with the redevelopment of the lumberyard, Rauch said.

A process and criteria for reviewing development proposals will be determined once the request document is finalized and sent out, he said.