Jackson Township Fire Marshal David Scott Burris has been placed on restricted administrative duty as fire Chief Randy Little investigates off-duty incidents that resulted in charges filed against Burris.

Burris was notified on Oct. 8 he was being placed on restricted duty, according to a statement on the township's website.

The restrictions stipulate that Burris will not be allowed to operate any department vehicle, his work responsibilities will be limited to administrative duty and he will have no contact with the public, according to the statement. Any inspections or meetings outside of the fire station will be handled by the prevention bureau.

Burris, 41, who goes by his middle name, was stopped Aug. 30 by Grove City police for failing to signal before changing lanes on Hoover Road near Dartmoor Road, according to records with Grove City Mayor's Court. He also was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and having a weapon while intoxicated, records stated.

Burris also was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication in the early morning hours of Oct. 8 outside a business in the 2200 block of Stringtown Road, according to police reports.

Arraignment for both cases, all misdemeanor charges, will be held Oct. 25 in Grove City Mayor's Court.

Jackson Township trustees Stephen Bowshier and Jim Rauck voted at a special meeting Oct. 10 to authorize Little to investigate Burris' conduct.

Township trustee David Burris, the fire marshal's father, did not attend or participate in the meeting.

He will continue to recuse himself from any board discussion or action regarding Scott Burris, township assistant administrator Lynn Bruno said.

At the trustees meeting, Little read a statement "asking for appointment under the Ohio Revised Code to investigate the matter. I will report the findings back to the board."

Bruno said Little's investigation "is all about finding out the facts.

"Any recommendation he may ultimately make will be presented to the board of trustees for their approval," she said.

"We take seriously reports of alleged, off-duty misconduct by all fire personnel," Little said in a statement released by the township. "I am starting the fact-finding and investigation process regarding charges related to Fire Marshal Burris. Any unbecoming conduct while off duty when proven reflects poorly on the township, fire department and community. We have worked hard to earn the public's trust and that will not be compromised going forward."

Burris has retained defense attorney Sam Shamansky to represent him.

"Scott and I are committed to doing everything possible to maintain his career and standing in the community he loves," Shamansky said.

Burris has pleaded not guilty to the OVI and other charges from the Aug. 30 incident and plans to plead not guilty on the disorderly intoxication charge, he said.

'We're eager to resolve this in a positive way," Shamansky said.