Why do you suppose a family chooses to purchase a home in Upper Arlington?

Despite the lovely parks, beautiful neighborhoods and reliable municipal services, I'll bet the primary reason is because of the outstanding educational system. Even if a family never sends a child to school, they reap tangible benefits. The high quality UA of schools keeps property values high so a home is a good investment.

Next month, voters will be asked to fund a bond levy that will first and foremost finance the construction of a new high school. The current high school was dedicated in 1956. That may not sound old, but in terms of quality of facilities and the needs that the school currently does not serve, it is ancient. If you don't believe me, request a tour of the high school; they will be happy to oblige.

Can they update or renovate the current high school? This has been done many times. But this isn't a mid-century home in need of an update; it's a building where teaching and learning takes place. This school was built when most students still ate lunch in the cafeteria and books were the primary source of information. If we are to maintain Upper Arlington schools cutting-edge and quality in education, not just in Franklin County or the state of Ohio, but in the country, this building needs to be replaced, period.

Still not convinced? Then consider this: A child attends 12 years of school at most. Why pay for more years than that? Because it doesn't work that way. Citizens of UA have always been willing to pay it forward. Other generations did it for us and our children. Now it's our turn.

Let's protect our investments and pay it forward. Please vote yes on the school bond levy in November.

Vicci Jaffe

Upper Arlington