I was young in Upper Arlington. Then I was middle-aged. Now I'm old. During these life stages, Buckeye football, the Upper Arlington schools and, more recently, the Blue Jackets have provided my most well-defined life moments.

No moment, though, has been more historic than the upcoming November levy. The schools have always been the soul of this community, but like me, that soul is contained in a body that is costly and increasingly difficult to maintain. Fortunately, however, leaders are in place and aligned to courageously and thoroughly explain where we are now.

For example, I vividly remember the teenager Robin Comfort, sitting in my classroom, poised and always focused on excellence. She is now the board president. Her commitment to this community was formed then and has extended throughout her life. She and this board and central administration have presented us with our future. And it's not cheap, but more taxation, something we all hate, has made UA a leader, not in taxation, but in the soul we invest in to keep the quality we all enjoy.

I'm for the levy because I'm for Upper Arlington. And for the soul that has kept me here throughout my entire adult life.

James Allen

Upper Arlington