Upper Arlington High School's senior class this year includes 14 students who are National Merit Scholarship semifinalists.

They are: Daniel Beyer, Philip Chalmers, Leon Durrenberger, Rachael Feinberg, Morgan Leff, Mark Malkin, Catherine Powell, Will Robbins, Peter Stathulis, Cindy Tang, Jonathan Wang, Christine Wu, Minjue Wu and Andrew Zheng.

According to the National Merit Scholarship Corp., about 16,000 students -- approximately one-third of the 50,000 high-scorers who apply for a scholarship -- were selected as semifinalists.

They represent the highest-scoring entrants in each state, based on academic performance and achievement on college entrance exams.

By spring, the National Merit Scholarship Corp. will announce approximately 7,500 scholarship winners.

Beyer, 17, is the son of Michael and Mei Zhuang. He hopes to attend Northwestern University and study biology.

Chalmers, 17, is the son of Jeff and Julie Chalmers. He is considering the College of William & Mary, Marietta College, Tufts University, the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of Colorado, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Williams College. He expects to major in geology.

Durrenberger, 17, is the son of Chris Durrenberger and Peng Chen. His top college choices are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell University. He plans to major in electrical engineering or computer science.

Feinberg, 17, is the daughter of Tracy and Jeff Feinberg. She is considering Duke University, Northeastern University, Northwestern, the University of Michigan and Ohio State University, and she plans to study engineering.

Leff, 17, is the daughter of Julie and John Leff. She is considering Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern and Washington University in St. Louis. She plans to study biology or biochemistry with a pre-medicine focus.

Malkin, 17, is the son of Jacob and Ekaterina Malkin. He said he's undecided on a college, but plans to apply to around 18 schools. He's interested in studying economics.

Powell, 17, is the daughter of Pam and Scott Powell. She is considering Georgetown University, MIT and Williams College, as well as majors in biology, international affairs and political science.

Robbins, 17, is the son of Kristin and Steve Robbins. He currently is undecided on a college and potential major.

Stathulis, 18, is the son of Evan Stathulis and Rebecca LaRoe. He hopes to attend Northwestern and study computer programming.

Tang, 17, is the daughter of Shuang Chen and Bingfeng Tang. She currently is considering numerous schools, with the University of Southern California being her top choice. She plans to major in international business and/or international studies, with a minor in Mandarin and/or French.

Wang, 17, is the son of Lisheng Wang and Yan Huang. He is considering Carnegie Mellon University, Miami University, Michigan, Northwestern, OSU and the University of Chicago. He also is considering a major in economics.

Christine Wu, 17, is the daughter of Yue Zhong Wu and Jian Ding. She is undecided on a college and said she is considering studying abroad for a year. She plans to major in neuroscience with a minor in music or photography.

Minjue Wu, 17, is the daughter of Rongzhang Wang and Dayong Wu. She is undecided on a college but is considering universities where she can combine humanities with science, technology, engineering and mathematics exploration, as well as piano and violin performance. She plans to major in biological engineering or English literature.

Zheng, 16, is the son of Christine and Frank Zheng. His top college choice is Cornell University. He plans to major in statistics, but is also interested in political science and government.