Worthington police have released the names of two 16-year-olds charged with felonies after one allegedly brought a gun to Thomas Worthington High School on Oct. 5.

According to Worthington police Sgt. Jim Moran, Dante Owusu-Best brought the weapon onto school grounds.

Owusu-Best is being charged with possession of a deadly weapon in a school zone, a fifth-degree felony, and carrying a concealed weapon, a fourth-degree felony. Owusu-Best also was charged with inducing panic, a first-degree misdemeanor, Moran said.

Moran said police mistakenly filed the concealed-weapon charge as a misdemeanor, but it actually is a fourth-degree felony. He said the charge would be amended.

Two weeks after the incident, police charged a second boy, Alec Deem, with a fifth-degree felony count of possession of a deadly weapon in a school zone, alleging that he was aware of the weapon and had it in his possession at some point during the day.

In a blog post published on the day of the incident, Worthington Schools Superintendent Trent Bowers referenced the incident allegedly involving Deem.

Bowers wrote that administrators "learned that a second TWHS student saw the gun at the beginning of the school day, handled the gun, took a picture of himself with the gun and posted it to social media."

Moran said that social-media post helped implicate Deem.

"We had allegations that he possessed the weapon in the school and that he took a photograph of himself with the weapon," Moran said. "It was posted, and we were able to confirm that."

Moran also said Owusu-Best "admitted" the gun was his and told police he "carries it for personal protection."

Charges for both teens were sent to the Franklin County Juvenile Court.