I hear parents say the schools are declining. On the recent state report card, the district received a score of "C" in two categories.

I think the school system has overreached trying to build a new high school and other facilities. Originally, the school district was going to repair and renovate the schools. Then the district came up with this scheme to build a Taj Mahal high school.

This joint levy is not a forthright approach to address this situation. There should be two issues: one for the bond levy and one for the operating levy. That way, each issue could be considered based on its own merits. Holding such an important levy in an off-year election may backfire and cause mistrust.

The majority live in UA because the community is safe, has little traffic congestion and is close to downtown, the university and the airport. UA does not have a large commercial tax base. The schools consume the majority of the tax dollars.

There needs to be a more realistic way to address the condition of the school facilities than this elaborate school plan. Only about 30 percent of UA households have youths in the school system.

In the past, grades 10-12 were at the high school with an enrollment of 2,200-2,300 students. Today there are four grades, 9-12, with an enrollment of only 1,800.

Do we really need a bigger, fancier high school? Does it make sense to tear down the high school and the stadium?

I support remodeling and renovating the schools. Do we really need a Taj Mahal high school? Does it make sense to tear down facilities when we have not paid off bonds for those facilities?

Dave Massie

Upper Arlington