I admit it, I have a "No on 43" sign in my front yard.

However, I would like to assure my Upper Arlington friends, neighbors and UA school employees that I will support a school levy, just not this version.

In 2009, I voted against the UA library levy. I was willing to support a library levy, but not that one. That levy failed, with 72 percent of voters siding against it. When a more realistic levy was put on the ballot years later, it passed.

We now have a high-quality library system UA can be proud of. And we get along just fine without the library coffee shop, second floor with fancy offices, etc., that the exorbitant 2009 levy would have covered.

I hope that future UA students will have the high-quality educational experience that my children had. When a more realistic school levy is added to the ballot in UA, I will definitely vote for it.

Carol Smathers

Upper Arlington