Arguments for voting yes on Issue 43 seem to be replete with "happy talk" and scant documentation. New brick and mortar are by no means the best option to maintaining quality education.

How obtuse the thinking of Issue 43 supporters: "If you crush it and rebuild it, their ACTs, SATs, grades, engagement and participation will go up."

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? This is just a "Field of Dreams." At the end of the day and until the sun explodes, students will learn by sitting in a classroom, in a seat, listening to a great, engaging teacher and being backed up by engaged and involved parents.

St. Charles is absolutely the embodiment of this. It's got absolutely nothing to do with the physical facilities, especially moving into the future with the technology available today.

I submit that expending $230 million over a 38-year mortgage will not improve any SAT/ACT test scores.

The "vote no" on Issue 43 crowd is correct in all of their factual documentations. I am involved in construction, and I can assure anyone that the four buildings slated to be torn down by the Facilities Master Plan are structures well worth maintaining and preserving. I consider characterizations like "their internal systems are failing" as preposterous propaganda. I suggest that building maintenance has been deferred into oblivion.

Come on, UA, use your heads on this. This Issue 43 is just the latest installment of the incessant and relentless bamboozling of UA residents into rubber-stamping whatever the school board says it needs. It's a UA schools Zombie Apocalypse. Come on, people -- snap out of the trance.

Vote "no" on Issue 43.

Brian Grim

Upper Arlington