When I moved here with my wife, a former Golden Bear swimmer, five years ago, I was immediately struck by the pride people have for Upper Arlington.

Walks to our pools, parks and neighborhood amenities, and the friendliness of our community neighbors quickly convinced me that we should build our family here. Yet over time, I've also learned that the age and conditions of our school buildings represent a significant risk to our future.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here are three important reasons UA residents need to seriously consider a yes vote on Issue 43:

Community process: A two-year comprehensive community engagement process has created consensus on a path to move forward. While decisions of this magnitude are never unanimous, this vision is a result of input from thousands of residents and reflects our shared vision.

Focus on the future: I can't imagine this community is comfortable with using trailers and patchwork solutions to prepare our next generation of leaders. We live in an extremely competitive global economy. If we want our children to be prepared for industries like bioengineering and advanced robotics or for jobs that don't even exist yet, we need world-class facilities to match our aspirations.

False choice: There is no such thing as a zero-cost option for our district. When $188 million represents a baseline for repairing our schools to meet code requirements and enrollment projections, an additional investment of $40 million is an amazing value for six brand-new schools.

Failure of this levy will severely restrict our educators in fulfilling their mission. Additionally, we'll inevitably be back at the ballot box to consider costly measures providing only a fraction of the value.

On this issue, I'm firmly for 43.

David Deal

Upper Arlington