I am writing in support Issue 43 because the high school's poor condition is hindering student learning.

I am the parent of three children; one is a graduate, one is in high school and one is in middle school. When our oldest was a freshman, my husband and I were attending the track banquet at the high school and it was raining. The roof leaked, causing the fire alarm to sound. The assistant athletic director evacuated us, but then let us back in the building with the fire department's permission to continue the banquet.

Not pleasant. The alarm continued to sound. Our daughter explained to us this was a common occurrence. How can you learn with a fire alarm sounding?

Two years ago, on the morning of an Advanced Placement exam for college credit, the air conditioning failed. A quick-thinking teacher brought in large industrial, but loud, fans and permitted students to bring in bags of ice.

Last fall, the high school was struck by lightning, causing the girls locker room to fill with smoke. This past spring, during a different Advanced Placement exam, the lights began to flicker, the fire alarm sounded and students were evacuated.

The Advanced Placement exam results are marked with an asterisk indicating test interruption.

This year, the high school was evacuated and classes were canceled due to a suspicious odor.

Student learning is being negatively affected by the poor condition of our high school. I haven't even mentioned the poor condition of the restroom facilities. My kids play sports. I visit high schools across the state. The vast majority, regardless of the type of community, are in much better condition than UAHS.

Our students and community deserves better.

Mary Lynn Caswell

Upper Arlington