Candidates for Whitehall City Council and the Whitehall school board are not spending much on their campaigns, but some finance reports indicate where allegiances lie and show spending outside the city.

Pre-general campaign finance reports were due at 5 p.m. Oct. 26 at the Franklin County Board of Elections, indicating contributions and expenditures received or made through Oct. 18.

Post-general finance reports for expenses and contributions made or received after Oct. 18 are due Dec. 15.

Candidates for the Whitehall school board are spending the least.

Four of the five board candidates -- Tiffanie Charles, Leo Knoblauch, Mone’t Smith and Blythe Wood -- filed waivers indicating they received no single contributions exceeding $100 and would not receive aggregate contributions that exceed $2,000 in 2017.

Darryl Hammock did not file a waiver or a report, according to online campaign finance reports at the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Board of elections spokesman Aaron Sellers said candidates aren't required to file reports if they did not raise or spend a minimum amount.

Seven of the eight candidates for City Council filed reports indicating contributions and expenditures.

In Ward 1, incumbent Councilman Chris Rodriguez carried over $712 from a previous campaign.

He reported no new contributions.

Rodriguez reported expenses of $407, of which $406 was to Columbus-based Citicom Printing for literature.

Gerald Dixon, challenging Rodriguez in Ward 1, forwarded $120 and collected $45, for a total of $165.

He reported expenses of $165, leaving no balance, but also reported in-kind contributions of $1,621, all from Dixon except for $417 from Rochelle Willis, for doorknob hangers.

In Ward 2, incumbent Councilman Lee Stahley reported contributions of $150 and expenses of $1,213, creating a negative balance.

Stahley reported in-kind contributions of $1,018, all made by Stahley4Whitehall.

Stahley’s expenses included $475 to and $363 to Houston-based Net Brands Media Corp.

Joanna Heck is challenging Stahley in Ward 2.

She reported contributions of $700 and expenditures of $441, including $259 for lawn signs from Austin-based

Heck’s contributors include Mayor Kim Maggard ($250), Auditor Dan Miller ($100), and Nancy Gibson, a Missouri resident ($350), according to the report.

In Ward 3, incumbent Councilman Larry Morrison did not file a pre-general finance report.

His challenger, Paul Werther, reported contributions of $1,026 and expenses of $994, leaving a balance of $32.

No single contribution to Werther exceeded $100. The greatest expense he reported was $533 for yard signs to Columbus-based Sign-O-Rama.

In Ward 4, Lori Elmore and former Councilwoman Leslie LaCorte are vying to succeed Van Gregg, who is precluded from seeking re-election because of term limits.

Elmore has received and spent more than any other candidate.

She reported contributions of $3,035 and expenses of $2,648, leaving a balance of $387.

Elmore’s contributions illustrate a cross-section of other elected officials, including Maggard, Miller, Rodriguez, Council President Jim Graham, City Attorney Mike Bivens, Treasurer Steve Quincel and Councilman Van Gregg.

Elmore’s expenses included $492 to Columbus-based Grassroots Strategies.

Meanwhile, LaCorte is self-funding her campaign.

LaCorte reported only in-kind contributions of $1,895, all made by Support LaCorte, according to the report.