Grandview Heights leaders are citing the transformation of an old industrial building into a restaurant, bar and distillery as another example of how Goodale Boulevard is adapting to the times.

High Bank Distillery Co. is expected to open in spring 2018 at 1051 W. Goodale, once the site of warehouse space for Thomas W. Ruff Co.

The property is located east of the former Goodale Pro Hardware store, which closed last spring.

"What we're looking to create is an elevated, casual cocktail, food and distillery experience for our customers," said Jordan Helman, High Bank's president.

Helman is partner in the project with Adam Hines and Calvin Jones.

"You can see all the brewpubs that have opened around central Ohio with restaurants attached to them," Helman said. "Our idea is the same. We'll have a 200-seat restaurant and bar area that will give our customers a chance to view our distilling operations, the same way you can watch the brewing process at a brewpub."

When it opens, High Bank will offer, in addition to a full selection of beer and cocktails, its own in-house organic vodka, organic gin and custom-blended rye whiskey and will distill and barrel its own bourbon.

"We'll be aging the bourbon in our barrels there on-site until it's fully matured and ready to serve to our customers," Hines said.

"This is a concept that Jordan and I have been talking about probably for two or three years," he said.

Hines owns State of Design, a branding agency whose clients included Zest Juice Co., which Helman co-founded on West Fifth Avenue near Grandview four years ago.

"Our original idea was, can we open a brewery, but that is such a super-hot concept now that the market is pretty well-saturated," Hines said.

"With the laws changing in Ohio, we thought we could enter this area through the doors that are opening for craft distilling."

Grandview was an ideal location for High Bank, he said.

"It isn't easy to find a suitable site for this type of operation, and Grandview was one of the few neighborhoods we were interested in," Hines said.

"I have a familiarity with Grandview opening Zest so close by, and Adam and his wife used to live in Grandview," Helman said. "We feel lucky to be opening in such a vibrant and active community."

While the final menu will be determined after a chef is brought on board, High Bank will offer "elevated casual bar dining along with healthier options like salad and veggie burgers," Hines said.

The 200 interior seats will be accompanied by 50 outdoor patio seats and substantial standing area in a game room that will feature foosball, bubble hockey, shuffleboard and other activities, he said.

A renovation of the building at 1051 Goodale is underway, Helman said.

High Bank "will be a great use for the building," Mayor Ray DeGraw said. "We're starting to see some really creative concepts for the redevelopment of sites along Goodale.

"A project like this will add activity and energy to the street," he said. "It's going to be fun to watch how Goodale will be changing over the coming years."


"We're starting to see some really creative concepts for the redevelopment of sites along Goodale."


Grandview mayor