WBNS-TV created the on-air program "In the Know" in 1966.

The high school trivia show tests students' knowledge of math, science, history, culture, geography, art and current events.

The top four central Ohio teams competed at the end of each season for academic scholarships at Ohio State University.

Pictured is the 1967 Grandview Heights High School team (from left): Rick Kuhn, Karen Williams, John Kaumeyer, Pam Parker and adviser James Parker.

Grandview's most recent success on the show was in the 2001-02 season, when the team battled Bexley in the finals.

Both teams were semifinalists the previous year.

"In the Know" began at WBNS as a live production and is one of the nation's longest-running broadcast shows that has never gone on hiatus. WOSU-TV has produced it the past 34 seasons.