We’re all guilty of buying a food, drink or ingredient that look appealing at the grocery. Then time passes, and we never quite get around to making use of it. ThisWeek staffers were asked: What’s the most worthless item in your refrigerator?

Sara Sole: The dressing I thought was going to taste good but actually tastes gross.

Lisa Proctor: Bouillon cubes. They’re nothing but salt in a shiny wrapper.

Abby Armbruster: I have a tube of tomato paste which is great to have when you need it, but for me, it's seldom used.

Neil Thompson: Yellow mustard. I never eat it on anything.

Dennis Laycock: A tube of anchovy paste that was purchased for a recipe eons ago and never touched since. It's in the butter drawer with all the Taco Bell sauce packets.

Andrew King: Sour cream. I hate it in almost every use.

Lee Cochran: Jar of olives. No one who lives at our house likes olives so I still don't know why they're there

Nate Ellis: Mayo.

Scott Hummel: A bottle of cucumber sparkling water. Too expensive to throw out, but nobody is going to drink it because it's awful. So it just sits there.