A few races in Franklin County could be subject to an automatic recount, according to a Nov. 9 news release from the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Aaron Sellers, elections board spokesman, said a recount could be warranted after the election is certified by the elections board and sent to the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.

“Races that could potentially be within the 0.5 percent margin after absentee ballots (received after Election Day) and provisional ballots that are verified are included in the official canvass are as follows: Canal Winchester City Council, Reynoldsburg City Council, Reynoldsburg Board of Education, Groveport Madison Board of Education, Urbancrest Village Council, Bexley CSD Board of Education and Hamilton LSD Board of Education,” the release said.

Below is a timeline as to what’s next in the process, according to Sellers:

On election night, the board conducted the unofficial canvass, which constitutes the unofficial election-night results. That includes all votes cast on Election Day and the 28-day period of early absentee voting.

Provisional and absentee ballots that weren’t received by Election Day (or postmarked by Nov. 6 and received by the board no later than Nov. 17 to be counted) are not included in the unofficial cavass. Those ballots are included after verification to the official canvass and certified by the board and sent to Secretary of State’s Office.

“Next we examine provisional affirmations prior to the official canvass to verify any eligibility questions,” Sellers said.

Provisional voters have seven days to provide us additional identification requirements that could have flagged them to vote a provisional ballot on Election Day, he said. Provisional voting ensures that no eligible elector is denied the opportunity to cast a ballot in an election.

The official canvass could begin Nov. 18 but must begin by Nov. 22, he said.

“Our board must certify the election no later than Nov. 28,” he said. “If a race falls within the margin of 0.5 percent, then a mandatory recount must take place. After the appropriate board of elections or the Secretary of State has ordered an automatic recount it must take place no later than 10 days after that order.

To see results of those close races, go to ThisWeekNEWS.com/Elections.