Northridge Local Schools leaders will take time to review results of its failed tax issue in the coming weeks and listen to what the community wants to do about facilities.

A combined 0.75 percent earned-income tax and 2.9-mill bond issue failed Nov. 7.

“Obviously, we were hoping for different results,” said Scott Schmidt, superintendent. “We are so thankful for the support of the many voters and outstanding volunteers who helped out on this issue.

“I think we all agree that more needs to be done for our students. We just have to find a better solution for our residents,” he said.

Money from the combined issue would have paid for construction of a new elementary school as well as security, mechanical and maintenance issues at the middle and high schools.

“Currently, the district can only pay for these ongoing needs by using funds from the district’s day-to-day teaching-and-learning budget, which reduces what we are able to provide for our students,” Schmidt said.

Northridge treasurer Britt Lewis said the district would have to continue using operating funds earmarked for classroom instruction for ongoing maintenance of aging facilities.

“We will continue, whenever possible, to use our daily operations budget to make repairs, but given the constraints, unfortunately, this is not always possible,” Schmidt said. “We will also take some time to review these results and listen to our community regarding what they want for the future of our school facilities.”

In Licking County, the combined issue was defeated 1,645 to 1,441 votes, or 53.31 to 46.69 percent, according to unofficial results from the board of elections.

In Knox County, it was defeated 96 to 60 votes, or 61.54 to 38.46 percent, according to that elections board. In Delaware County, the issue was defeated 2 to 1, or 66.67 percent to 33.33 percent.