Strategic planning is expected to be the main area of focus for Grandview Heights City Council in 2018.

It's been 20 years since the city's last community plan was adopted, "and the time is right to revisit and update that plan to take us through the next 20 years," said council President Greta Kearns.

Kearns was elected to a second term Nov. 7. Anthony Panzera and Chris Smith also were re-elected to their fifth and second terms, respectively, and first-time candidate Melanie Houston also won election.

The strategic-planning effort "will be a big-picture process" that not only will look at the city's facility needs, but at developing an overall vision for the city's future, Kearns said.

"The last strategic plan has served us well as we have gone through the loss of Big Bear and the development of Grandview Yard," she said.

"We're at a crossroads now. We need to create the vision to help us plan for the next 15 to 20 years."

That process won't get underway until next year, but a facilitated meeting will be held before the end of this year to help determine the scope, framework and timeline for the formal strategic-planning process, Kearns said.

The joint meeting of council, city administrators, planning commission and board of zoning appeals tentatively is scheduled for Nov. 30.

"As council, we're the legislative body. We don't hear the day-to-day issues that come before the planning boards," Kearns said. "They have a lot of insight into those issues that come before them and their input will help shape the scope of our strategic-planning process."

"We've spent the last few years concentrating on infrastructure and completing some major park projects," Smith said. "It's now time to look at our municipal facilities and our city operations overall."

Public engagement will be an important part of the process next year, Panzera said.

"We'll be doing a similar process to what the school district did for its facility planning, except ours will be more comprehensive, because we will be looking at more than just our facilities -- although that will be an important part of our process," he said.

Public meetings will be scheduled throughout the process, Kearns said.

The city is purchasing land on McKinley Avenue and plans to build a new complex for its service department on the site in 2018.

The project will open up the department's current site at Goodale and Grandview Avenue to be used for new city facilities.

Each of the city's facilities at the top of the hill on Grandview Avenue -- the police and fire departments and municipal offices -- are in need of renovations, Smith said.

"Probably the one we're most in need of updating is our fire department," he said.

The coming year likely will be one of forming, not executing, a strategic plan, aside from the service-building project, Panzera said.

"The strategic planning we'll be doing next year will be more conceptual in spirit than concrete," he said. "By the end of 2018, we could have most of those concepts in place and be ready to move forward the following year with putting shovel into ground."

Kearns was the top vote-getter in last week's City Council election, receiving 1,415 votes, according to final, unofficial results from the Franklin County Board of Elections. She was followed by Houston with 1,356 votes, Smith with 1,238 and Panzera with 965 votes.

Former council member Dan Headaphol finished fifth with 922 votes. Nicholas Pavlik, whose name appeared on the ballot despite his withdrawal from the race, garnered 234 votes.

Pavlik said his position as official spokesman for Huntington Bank causes a conflict of interest given the relationship between the city and the bank.

Current council member Steve Papineau did not run for re-election. Houston will take his place in January.

Other races in Grandview and Marble Cliff were uncontested.

Grandview Heights school board President Jesse Truett was re-elected to his second term. He will be joined by new board members Eric Bode and Molly Wassmuth.

Current board members Grant Douglass and Stephanie Evans did not seek re-election.

Marnie Hoag and Matt Jolson will join incumbents Matt Cincione and Dow Voelker on Marble Cliff Village Council. Current council members Jack Kukura and Linda Siefkas decided not to run for re-election.