Dublin City Councilman Tim Lecklider said he has addressed the Ohio Elections Commission regarding a negative-campaign flyer that was circulated about him just prior to the general election Nov. 7.

Lecklider, who lost his Ward 4 seat to Cathy DeRosa, said the flyer, which reportedly was distributed by mail, violated the Ohio Revised Code because it didn't include a disclaimer. Lecklider's term is set to expire Dec. 31, 2017.

"Somebody experienced in dirty politics was responsible for this," Lecklider said.

Although Lecklider is not contesting the election results, the public deserves to know who produced and distributed the flyer, he said.

The lack of a disclaimer, however, might not necessarily mean the flyer is in violation of the Ohio Revised Code.

An individual or a very small group isn't necessarily obligated to put a disclaimer on a campaign flyer or ad because of a statute resulting from a U.S. Supreme Court decision made in 1995, said Phil Richter, executive director and staff attorney with the Ohio Elections Commission.

Disclaimer cases are "fairly straightforward," he said.

Lecklider said he thinks it is fair to speculate that the person or people responsible for the flyer supported at least one of his opponents.

It is unknown how widespread distribution of the flyer was.

Lecklider's opponents, J.D. Kaplan and DeRosa, both spoke against the flyer.

DeRosa said she has no knowledge of where it came from and said she condemns any form of negative-campaign politics.

"Let's focus on positive things and positive messages," she said.

Kaplan said he wasn't responsible for the ad and avoids negative politics in the Dublin City Council race as well as in his work, where as a graphic designer he commonly works in the political sphere.

"I won't have anything to do with lies or negative stuff," Kaplan said.

For his part, Lecklider said he has never seen anything like the negative flyer in his long tenure in Dublin government.

"I think it's a sad state of affairs that that's what Dublin politics has come to," he said.