Temperatures are starting to drop, and that means -- like it or not -- snow is on its way.

Inclement winter weather for the city of Powell means implementing the snow- and ice-removal program.

I've served as Powell's city manager for more than 20 years and typically receive at least a few calls and emails after the first annual snowfall each year about the city's snow-removal protocol.

The city of Powell strives to keep streets clear and safe for travel during winter months. Powell typically uses 1,000 to 1,500 tons of salt annually in our snow- and ice-removal efforts. We have seven full-time employees on call during a snow event with five plows ready to go. Our employees work around the clock in 12-hour shifts until streets are clear.

The start of the winter season is a great time of year to remind our residents and businesses how we prioritize snow and ice removal throughout the city.

Primary streets

Primary streets, including Powell Road, Olentangy Street, Liberty Street, Sawmill Road and parkways, are serviced first during winter months.

Secondary streets

Secondary streets, which include Ridge Side Drive, Ashmoore Drive, Village Park Drive, Chenango Drive, Hopewell Drive, Beech Ridge Place, Briarbend Boulevard, Vinwood Lane, Zion Drive, Grandshire Drive, Weatherburn Drive, Olentangy Ridge Place and Bartholomew Boulevard, are serviced next. Clearing these streets allows residents to come and go from various subdivisions within the city.

Once a storm ends and the priority streets are cleared, other streets and cul-de-sacs within the community are cleared.

Snow-removal tips

* Avoid parking on streets or courts overnight during the winter months when snow is possible.

* Do not blow or shovel snow from your driveway into the street. This creates a hazard in the middle of the road.

* If you have a fire hydrant on your property, try to keep it clear of snow.

* When plowing or shoveling driveways, direct snow to the right side (when facing the street) to help city staff keep from plowing the snow back onto your property.

* Be cautious of the hill on Powell Road leading down to state Route 315. This stretch of road, which is outside the city's jurisdiction, can be slippery.


Does the city pre-treat roads?

Only when significant ice is expected.

Does the city shovel sidewalks?

Property owners are responsible for clearing their own sidewalks.

Does Powell clear bike paths?

After a snowstorm has ended and the city has cleared all roads, workers to their best to clear bike paths throughout the community.

Visit the city's interactive snow-removal map at cityofpowell.us -- under the "residents" tab, click "services," then "snow and ice removal" -- to find out what priority level your street is before a winter storm strikes.

The city wishes you and your family a happy and safe winter season.

City Notes is submitted by Powell City Manager Steve Lutz.