A resident in the 4300 block of Archway Court told police Nov. 6 that over the last two years, she and several family members were scammed out of $75,000 in cash by a woman who approached her in November 2015 and offered to give her $500 million if she would loan her money to help settle her father's estate.

The suspect claimed the estate was worth more than $5 billion, according to reports.

Over the next two years, the victim and her family continued to give the suspect money. The victim said once she began to realize the set-up was probably a scam, she contacted police, reports stated.

The victim told police the suspect is homeless, and officers were unable to locate the suspect using an automated data system.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* An officer stopped a car for a traffic violation Nov. 8 and discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Warren County.

The officer made the traffic stop at 1:40 p.m. after observing the car on Thistlewood Drive turning right onto Stringtown Road from the far left lane.

The driver of the car initially provided a Social Security number belonging to another person and a check of the car confirmed it had been stolen, reports stated.

During their search of the vehicle, officers found a glass pipe containing crack cocaine residue in the pocket of a coat lying on the front seat, according to reports.

Reports state William E. Taylor, 55, of Wynridge Drive, Grove City, was arrested and charged with a felony count of receiving stolen property and misdemeanor counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, no operator's license and making an improper turn. He was taken to the Franklin County jail.

* A resident in the 2700 block of Gardenview Loop told police Nov. 6 that 10 checks were stolen from him and cashed for a total of $10,000.

The checks were forged between Sept. 1 and Oct. 1, according to reports.

* The security specialist at a distribution center in the 6100 block of South Meadows Drive reported Nov. 7 that four cellphones, valued at $3,280, were stolen Aug. 18 from a shopping package in the warehouse. He said he learned on Nov. 7 that one of the phones had been activated, reports stated.

* The owner of a business in the 2400 block of Stringtown Road told police Nov. 3 she believes a former employee cost the business $6,100 by cashing a series of paychecks more than once.

According to the owner, the suspect would cash a paycheck on a phone, then take the check to a business where it would be cashed again.

The victim told police she alerted her bank after she became aware of what was happening and expected the bank to take action to stop further incidents. She said she learned Nov. 3 the bank had not stopped additional checks from being cashed twice and immediately closed the account.

* Two men reported their vehicles were broken into while they were having dinner Nov. 8 at a business in the 1700 block of Stringtown Road.

Windows were broken on each car to gain entry, according to reports. Nothing appeared to be missing from the first man's vehicle, but the second man said a briefcase containing blank checks, a glucose testing kit, a calculator, pens, a laser pointer, flash drives and prescription glasses, had been stolen from his car.

* A resident in the 3300 block of Reaver Avenue reported a man stole his cellphone Nov. 9.

The victim said he had listed his cellphone as being for sale on an app. The suspect messaged him and said he was interested in buying the phone.

The victim invited the suspect to his house and they met outside. The victim said the suspect asked to see the phone to verify it was still working. When the victim handed the phone over, the suspect took off running and was last seen turning east onto Parlin Drive, according to reports.

* A resident in the 1300 block of Wild Horse Drive reported Nov. 4 the driver's door of his car was scratched in several places while the vehicle was parked in his driveway. Total damage was $600, reports stated.