Smoking and the use of tobacco products at any city-owned building or facility will be prohibited after action by Hilliard City Council on Nov. 13.

City Council members voted 6-0 to enact legislation to prohibit smoking and the use of tobacco products on the premises of city-owned buildings and facilities and at city-owned parks and recreational areas.

The effects of the new policy include the abolishment of designated outdoor smoking areas at facilities, such as the Hilliard Family Aquatic Center, law director Tracy Bradford said.

The ban extends to public parks, she said.

The Joint Safety Services Building, 5181 Northwest Parkway, which houses the Hilliard Division of Police and Station 81 of the Norwich Township Fire Department, is not subject to the ban because Norwich Township owns the building, Bradford said.

The ban will take effect next month, 30 days after its approval, she said.

Councilman Joe Erb abstained from the vote because of his employment as a lobbyist related to the tobacco industry.

City Council amended the ordinance Nov. 13 at the request of Councilman Les Carrier to remove language he said would ban the use of gum and other products marketed as tobacco and nicotine substitutes but do not contain the substances.