Dublin City Council is expected to vote Monday, Nov. 20, on two ordinances that would create a new zoning district in what is now the city's Historic District.

The ordinances would amend the zoning code and rezone 25 parcels to create the Historic South District within Historic Dublin.

The proposed area for the new district is bisected by South High Street and bordered on the east and west by Blacksmith Lane and Mill Lane, respectively. Spring Hill Lane borders the district to the north, and John Wright Lane provides a partial border to the south.

The proposed district would require new-construction buildings to have a maximum height of two stories, or a total height of 24 feet.

Buildings along Blacksmith and Mill lanes and 50 feet away from the rear of another property lot line would only be allowed to be a story-and-a-half high with a maximum height of 18 feet.

Buildings also are required to cover no more than 50 percent of a lot. The total development is required to cover no more than 65 percent of a lot.

Rauch said she also expects staff members to discuss the new district's regulations for business hours of operation at the Nov. 20 meeting.

Steve Rudy, who lives in Dublin's historic area, told council separating different land uses is important to keep the city's charm.

"Please, please keep and enforce the guidelines," he said.

North High St. opens

North High Street in Dublin is now open after a road-improvements project had the road closed to traffic since the end of January.

The project is mostly completed, said Dublin senior public-information officer Lindsay Weisenauer. For the next couple of weeks, the city might shift lanes to accommodate work, but two-way traffic will be maintained, she said.

The project included widening North High Street to three lanes between North Street and Indian Run Drive.