As honored veterans entered Jackson Middle School's gymnasium Nov. 10, students stood and applauded.

The tribute continued as students' family members who have served or are serving in various branches of the military walked in.

For members of the school's Junior National Honor Society, that was the purpose of the ceremony they organized.

"We wanted to have a special day where students could take a moment and reflect on the sacrifice our veterans make to keep us free," said Kyle Kaising, an honor society member.

"The big thing was to show our veterans how much we appreciate them and let them see that we appreciate them," said Belle Ransburgh, another society member.

The assembly included a performance of the song "Thank You Soldiers" by the school's choir and the orchestra's rendition of "Lest We Forget."

Students read "In Flanders Field," a poem by John McCrae, before the list of invited guests who have served in the military was displayed.

A montage of photographs of the veterans also was presented.

Another highlight of the ceremony was the entire student body creating a living flag by displaying red, white and blue sheets (some with stars) of construction paper.

"That turned out to work really well," Belle Ransburgh said.

The students also were asked to wear red, white and blue clothing on Nov. 10.

Bryan Ransburgh, also a member of the honor society, said students should think more often about veterans.

"Most of us don't give much thought to it, unless we have someone in our family who is a veteran or is in the military," he said.

Belle Ransburgh said planning the assembly helped her gain a better understanding of Veterans Day.

"It's made me think about our veterans and how we should thank them and honor them for their service," she said.