As visitors walk through Uptown Westerville this holiday season, they may encounter a live theatrical production happening right in front of them.

For the second year, Good Medicine Productions -- the brainchild of Kristie Koehler Vuocolo -- will be performing "Uptown Scrooge," an "interactive holiday walking tour" throughout Uptown.

The show relates the traditional story of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" on the Uptown streets, as the cast and audience walk throughout town to present different scenes -- with a twist from Good Medicine's writers, of course.

"Dickens is our umbrella, but we've twisted it," Vuocolo said.

Last year, the show sold out every one of its performances, and ticket sales benefit the Good Medicine mission of serving pediatric facilities and nursing homes in central Ohio "with programming rooted in improvisational and comedic performance."

Rather than a traditional theater performance, Vuocolo said she likes to think of the show as a "holiday experience."

"This is a play or movie or story we've heard 100 times," she said. "While it's a beautiful story, I think an audience can get more out of it by actually going through an experience. The idea is, even if you're not into theater, you'll still have a ball."

During the experience, the 10 to 12 guests are designated as Scrooges, serving in the role of the famous character. Their "guide" will serve in many different roles, performing as Jacob Marley or the ghost of Christmas past, present or future, and others join along the way.

The Westerville Uptown Merchants Association helps provide support for the show, and president Debbie Bennati said it was a huge hit last year. She said her store, A Gal Named Cinda Lou, was on the schedule last year, but she hopes to spread the wealth this year.

"We enjoyed it," she said. "A lot of people came through our store. The only reason I'm not on it again is because I wanted to give some other stores the opportunity to have people in on their end of Uptown."

Bennati, a fan of the arts, said she loves the atmosphere "Uptown Scrooge" provides.

"(Vuocolo) is really good at advertising and bringing people to Uptown," Bennati said. "So it's a fun and exciting thing that kind of makes us feel like a big town like Chicago or New York, because that's the concept. So any time you bring a bunch of new people to town, it's going to help our businesses and help people realize we're here."

And while Vuocolo loves the show taking place in Westerville -- where she grew up before moving to Chicago and returning in 2013 -- she hopes it can become one of the more popular performances for all of central Ohio.

"My goal is that this is a thing that's not just for Westerville," she said. "I'd love for this to become a holiday destination for all of central Ohio. I think it's really unique, and I hope people from all over central Ohio can come see it."

"Uptown Scrooge" will run on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from Nov. 25 to Dec. 17, with 90-minute performances beginning between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m.

Tickets are $22 for adults, $10 for students and children.

For tickets and more information, visit or call 614-776-4082.