Reynoldsburg school district officials confirmed Monday, Nov. 20, that Brian Coffey, principal at STEM Middle at Baldwin Road Junior High School, was placed on paid administrative leave Nov. 17.

Superintendent Melvin Brown sent a letter to parents early Nov. 17 that said an administrator at the school had been “placed on paid administrative leave while the district investigates an issue that is not related to student safety, security or supervision.”

The letter did not indicate which of the three administrators at the school was placed on leave.

“It was principal Brian Coffey who was placed on leave,” Brown said. “I can’t detail any specifics during the investigation, but I can tell you it was not related to students at all.

“We have been consistent about making sure parents know this is not related to student safety, security or supervision at the school."

Under the paid administrative leave, Coffey “will not report to school or attend school functions until the matter is resolved,” according to the letter sent to parents.

Brown said the investigation was “not at all” like two investigations that occurred at the school last May, when principal Michelle Watts and assistant principal Hydia Green were placed on leave for not properly reporting a sexual incident between two students.

That incident was later reported to Reynoldsburg police, who determined it was “consensual,” according to the police report. Both administrators resigned, however, before the investigations were complete.

Coffey was hired in May 2015 to be principal at Herbert Mills Elementary School. He served at that school until becoming principal at Baldwin this fall.

He was formerly assistant principal at Diley Middle School at Pickerington Local Schools.