Northwest Civic Association board of trustees President Nick Cipiti was already preparing the process for replacing two members of the panel who had resigned when he got word another vacancy was in the offing.

Cipiti declined to name the latest departing trustee on the record, but relatively new member Sassan Babai said Nov. 14 he has chosen to resign.

"I stepped down from the board," he said.

Babai was among nine Northwest Side residents and civic association members to swell the ranks of the board back to its mandated 15 people at the organization's Aug. 5 meeting.

Prior to that, following the revelation of major disagreements among some on the board, the number of trustees had dwindled to six.

Babai was hesitant to discuss the reason for his decision in any great detail.

"I'm not sure if I want to put it out publicly yet," he said. "There's nothing particular that happened.

"I guess my ideologies and vision of ways of interacting with the board are different from theirs.

"I tend to be a lot more progressive," Babai said.

"The board tends to lean to the way things have always been."

Babai declined to be more specific.

The longtime northwest side resident, who attended Cranbrook Elementary School, Ridgeview Middle School and graduated from Centennial High School, said he plans to continue to be involved with the community.

"This is my neighborhood," Babai said.

Former vice president Kyle Hartman and trustee Kellie Ehlers already had opted to give up their posts, and Cipiti was preparing to schedule interviews with potential replacements in November, but decided to hold off when news of the potential third opening reached him.

"Rather than gear up the whole committee and go through that whole process twice, my thought would be to wait until December and start up the process after that."

"I still wish the best for everyone," Babai said. "I just don't think we're in line with one another.

"I wish Nick the best and hope he can make things work better than they have been."