The past year has been an ever-changing one for me -- with everything from planning a wedding to getting married to moving apartments and now planning a full-fledged honeymoon for 2018.

And somewhere in between all those, I've been trying to keep up with my blog, "Tiny Messy Kitchen" -- trying and failing. When I first launched the blog in 2015, I had more than enough time to post three times per week and build up my repertoire.

But this year, with all the major life events that have been happening, Tiny Messy Kitchen has fallen by the wayside. I've kept up the bare minimum of the site (mostly updating the Facebook page with latest recipes I've tried), but as soon as December hit, I knew I wanted to end the year with a bang.

One tradition that has never been interrupted with Tiny Messy Kitchen has been my annual Christmas Spectacular, when I put up a new cookie recipe on each week for the month of December. That was one aspect of my blog that I did not want to see die.

So to keep myself accountable with the cookie baking, I've been participating in Vlogmas on YouTube. It's a fun tradition that people who have a YouTube channel will try to make short videos every day in December until Christmas Day. Last year, I wanted to participate in Vlogmas, so this year, I made it happen.

Since Dec. 1, I consistently have been posting daily vlogs on the Tiny Messy Kitchen YouTube channel, with a different food-related topic each day. I've been making cookies for the Christmas Spectacular, which is keeping me accountable, and sharing quick dinners to make on weeknights.

Follow along with my Vlogmas adventure by subscribing to my YouTube channel, and see the latest cookies made for my Christmas Spectacular every Thursday on

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