Upper Arlington residents no longer will need trash stickers by next month as the city makes the transition to a new solid-waste program in February.

Beginning Jan. 2, the city won't require trash stickers on each can of trash, yard waste or bulk item residents set out to be hauled away.

Upper Arlington is in the midst of switching from its longtime pay-as-you-throw policy to a contract with Local Waste Services that will provide residents with uniform trash and recycling containers.

City officials say residents should avoid buying more stickers than they'll use through the end of December, but those with leftovers can be reimbursed.

"The city will provide a credit on the summer utility invoice for any unused stickers," said Emma Speight, Upper Arlington community-affairs coordinator. "The deadline for submitting unused stickers is June 1, 2018."

A reimbursement form with details is available at https://tinyurl.com/ya2vvvhd.

Although stickers won't be needed come January, city officials hope residents won't overburden collectors by waiting until then to throw out larger items.

"We are asking that residents refrain from putting out a basement's worth of unwanted bulk items in the months of January (and) February," Speight said. "Since it's the midst of winter and Republic's last month, we are hoping to keep collection issues to a minimum.

"We would greatly appreciate it if residents could allow Local Waste to begin providing service and have a few weeks under its belt to iron out any route (or) collection issues before taking advantage of bulk-item collection."

The city officially will switch over from Republic Services to Local Waste on Feb. 5.

In addition to eliminating stickers, another significant difference will be the standardized bins residents will use for trash and recycling.

To avoid having their new containers damaged or mistakenly taken away, Speight said, residents shouldn't use them until Feb. 5.

At that point, residents can use blue recycling bins that are slated to be delivered to them in December, and gray trash containers they'll receive beginning the second week of January.

Upper Arlington City Council approved the solid-waste switch last August.

Rather than pay a $64 annual fee and buy trash stickers, households will pay $17.75 per month, or $213 a year for the standard services.

People age 60 and older still can receive a 10 percent discount through the new contract.

"Under the new program, the city is moving to billing households twice a year to help spread the costs for residents," Speight said. "These bills will include the stormwater utility fee, solid waste fee and, in some cases, a neighborhood lighting utility fee.

"Residents will be required to keep containers out of view when it's not collection day -- so in the garage, behind landscaping/fencing or in the backyard."

Under the city's current system, household solid-waste disposal costs varied based on the number of trash stickers used.

Last July, Speight said residents who used an average of one sticker per week paid $214.80 per year for a "labor-intensive" program.

The new deal will allow residents to dispose of an unlimited amount of trash on a weekly basis. However, refuse that can't fit in the Local Waste containers will be required to be placed in lidded 30-gallon or 40-gallon containers that residents can either supply themselves or rent from the contractor for $3 per month.

Speight said the new services were selected after many months of research and community engagement.

"A key benefit is the fact that yard waste and bulk items are also part of the program, so no extra costs to residents and no need to make the trip to the yard waste drop-off facility on Roberts Road," she said.