For the past six months or so, I have debated what the future of Tiny Messy Kitchen should be. It's my passion project that I have loved curating, but I have had trouble keeping myself on a strict schedule. As much as I stick to deadlines in my professional life, I typically fail to keep the promises I make to myself -- such as "I should post to my blog at least once a week."

If you've followed my blog or even my Facebook page, you know I've had trouble sticking to that plan.

When I think back to 2015, when I created my blog, I cannot believe I posted recipes three times a week. That seems so incredible to me now. The time it takes to create each post, edit photos, write a recipe card and share the latest post on social media is a luxury I no longer have.

Looking ahead to 2018, Tiny Messy Kitchen will go through a re-branding phase. My website and Facebook page have not been redesigned since TMK’s beginning, so I think it's beyond time to update the site and social-media page.

I also want to try more healthful recipes that are quick and easy to make. In addition, I hope to bring you more "Tiny Messy Travels" videos and blog posts in the new year.

If you have any recipe suggestions for me to make next year, send them my way.

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