The city of Bexley and the Bexley City School District marked several milestones this year. Other stories also could have made this list, but here are the top 5 of 2017:

SOMETHING OLD, SOMEONE NEW -- The school district celebrated its centennial and hired a new superintendent. The Bexley City Schools' 100th anniversary celebration brought together students, alumni, staff, the school board and community members Sept. 17 at Bexley High School's Carlton Smith Memorial Stadium. The celebration also served as an official welcome for Superintendent Kimberly Miller, who joined the district Aug. 1.

CAPITAL INVESTMENTS -- Elizabeth Paul was inaugurated as Capital University's 16th president April 21. Under Paul's leadership, Capital has assembled a steering committee to draft the master plan, which will set forth goals on how to better use the institutions's facilities at the main Bexley campus and downtown Columbus law school, Paul said.

WILL OF THE PEOPLE -- Bexley City Council incumbents Lori Ann Feibel and Richard Sharp and newcomer Monique Lampke were elected Nov. 7 from a slate that also included incumbent Deneese Owen, who will leave council at the end of the year. Voters also opted to re-elect incumbent Bexley school board members Marlee Snowdon and John Barno and welcome newcomer Michelle Mineo. The field of candidates also included incumbent Alissha Mitchell, who will leave the school board at the end of the year, and challengers April Walsh and Tracey Parsons.

SPEAKING VOLUMES -- The Bexley Public Library's board of trustees voted Aug. 22 to appoint Ben Heckman as the library's sixth director. Heckman previously served as the library's assistant director and replaced Rachel Rubin, who joined Capital University as director of library and information services June 28. In early December, the library was named one of America's best libraries of its size by the national Library Journal.

SIGHTS SET ON CITY'S SOUTHWEST -- In the fall, Bexley City Council unanimously adopted the Southwest Bexley Master Framework, which provides a series of recommendations for improving the city's southwest area. Council also approved Ordinance 17-17, which authorizes a $290,000 expenditure from the city's recreation fund to address environmental issues in the Schneider Park athletics fields in the Ferndale Place/Mayfield Place neighborhood. The Schneider Park fields are projected to open sometime in 2018, according to the city's current estimates.