Green infrastructure left some people blue in parts of Clintonville this year.

The rain-garden flap is one of ThisWeek's top stories of 2017. Here's a look back at the year that was:

Garden grousing -- As residents in areas targeted by Blueprint Columbus got a clearer idea of the scope and appearance of rain gardens, the reviews were, in general, not favorable, with detractors predicting the installations would be hazardous to motorists and pedestrians alike. [Related story]

Changing lanes, changing times -- Indianola Avenue saw major transformations, both to the road and alongside it. Not only did the Deco apartment building open in April at the site of the former Olympic Swim Club, but the controversial "road diet" also was completed north of East North Broadway.

Shifting traffic -- Local drivers and homeowners dealt with another snag when Indianola's Glen Echo Bridge closed for repairs from April 10 to Nov. 9, diverting hundreds of vehicles into residential areas.

Culinary blast from the past -- Nostalgic anticipation settled in when it was announced in late May that the long-extinct G.D. Ritzy's would be revived at 4615 N. High St., not far from the former site of one of the esteemed burger chain's stores. Alas, would-be diners will have to wait until 2018 to get their fix due to intersection upgrades.

Dispensary decisions -- Clintonville is among the Columbus neighborhoods where medical-marijuana dispensaries could be located once the legislature-approved program goes into effect in September. But city leaders reminded Clintonville Area Commission members late this year that the city's only role regarding dispensary locations is to ensure they meet zoning requirements. Areas of Clintonville that could host a dispensary include North High Street and Morse Road.